CCI Card System


LaundryCard™ Premium Payment System

LaundryCard’s™ primary focus is automating the Laundromat, it handles all cash collections, employee management, equipment service, and store marketing. LaundryCard™ can be installed as a part of a new construction laundry project or as a coin to card conversion. If your project requires more than 50 card readers then LaundryCard™ Premium is the appropriate solution.

Utilizing magnetic striped cards, LaundryCard™ is capable of providing store owners with debit card operations while avoiding the high costs involved in smart card technologies.

The LaundryCard™ Premium system is comprised of a few main components: X-Changers, Card Readers, and Laundry Cards.

The system can be further enhanced with optional add on systems such as Point of Sale Systems to automate drop off laundry.

LaundryCard™ comes complete with a comprehensive software package, designed for both the novice computer user as well as the advanced power user.

Remote access is an important part of the LaundryCard™ system, all systems come standard with remote access dial-up modems. Optionally, high speed Internet packages are also available allowing remote access from virtually any computer in the world via the Internet, remote access is also available via iPhone, iPad, and Droid units!